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Whether you’re looking for deep and luxurious or durable and hardwearing, you can transform the look and feel of your home or premises with our carpet ranges and collections.

We supply to top brands in the industry and there are styles, finishes and colours to suit all tastes and budgets, all expertly fitted by Comfy Carpets!

Fitting A New Carpet Now Gets Easier

Comfy Carpets take pride in stating that we are one of the few companies offering hassle-free carpet fitting in Bognor Regis. We are well aware of the fact that fitting a carpet in difficult areas like the staircase is a daunting task. This is exactly where our experienced team of carpet fitters come to your aid. We undertake the complete responsibility of ensuring that your new carpet is fitted accurately within your property. With our fitters by your side, carpets fitting in Chichester will become easier than ever.

Offering Reliable Fitting Services Within Your Budget

With only a few years in the industry, we have already outshone our competitors by offering competitive prices for carpet fitting services in Bognor Regis and Chichester. We value all our clients equally and try to quote a price that suits their budget. The fitting rates vary greatly and are generally dependent on the type of laminate flooring or engineered wood flooring you have opted for. We will visit your property and take note of your requirements in detail before offering a customised package.

Why Approach Us For Carpet Fitting Services?

  • Big or small, we treat every carpet fitting project in Bognor Regis and Chichester with equal importance.
  • We can fix a suitable date for fitting the carpet as per your availability.
  • We try to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with all our clients.

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Top Cord

Wool Loop

Flecked Twist

Plain Twist

Types of carpet



Generally used for high-quality carpets, you’ll pay more for natural materials, but you’ll get a great looking floor covering that is made from sustainable fibre, is resilient and highly durable. It gets top marks for insulation, too – good for reducing heat loss and noise – and retains its appearance remarkably well. Wool also feels beautiful and soft underfoot!

Wool Mix

Wool Mix

Some consider a mix of 80% wool, 20% manmade fibres (such as polyamide or polyester), as the best combination for an all-purpose carpet.



This manmade carpet fibre is a popular choice, because it’s hardwearing and resistant to stains. It can be cleaned using a part-bleached cleaning solution, although always check with the manufacturer or retailer first. However, Polypropylene is flammable and not self-extinguishing.

Polyamide (also known as nylon)

Polyamide (also known as nylon)

Available in a wider range of hues and vibrant clear colours, that can’t be reproduced in wool. A good all-rounder for family homes, good-quality polyamide or nylon carpets come with built-in, stain-resistant treatments and score high marks for wearability



Often used for textured or shag carpets. Polyester is most like wool in appearance and feel, and is remarkably soft, durable and stain resistant. Most often used as a blend, rather than on its own.

Ever wondered what the difference was between Cord, Loop, Twist etc? Click here for a handy guide from the Flooring Guild that explains it all!

If you are still unsure of which type of carpet would best suit you, just give us a call!

Many other styles of carpet are available – too many to display here,
why not call us and we will bring them right to your door!

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Jay has recently laid a sitting room carpet for us. He was most helpful bringing the samples to us. He has done a superb job of laying the carpet, taking away all rubbish and leaving it spotless. The cost was much less than I expected and I am delighted with the carpet and his workmanship. Ten out of ten!

Carol Charles, Felpham

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